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I am Blessing and I will briefly introduce Transingenium Technologies Pvt Ltd, in addition to tQUEST Botswana.

It's great writing this to you, and I hope to make it brief and clear enough.

To begin with, and simply put, Transingenium Technologies is an Indian based company that offers technical resources in ways to solve problems and complications that companies experience.

It is important to note that technology in itself simply means 'easier'. Let me tell you about an America tv show called 'shark tank'. In this show, entrepreneurs present their ideas/business to a seat of 6 billionaires who loan them money or take equity from their company. Now something interesting about this programme is how much these wealthy entrepreneurs dish out business advice that often go in the line of technology. Most people who have won the hearts of these loan sharks are entrepreneurs who boom well online, and by booming well online, it means that technology like website and all its package that make it easier for customers, are their major source of services.

What we do with our team of expertise technical guys, amongst whom are ones who have over ten years of programming experience, is to provide these technical services that make business stand out. It helps even the small lost fellow in a street. It helps the ice cream parlour owner. It helps big and small business to be able to communicate among themselves and with their customers in very efficient and effortless ways.

If I am say; Ms Agnes Kenosi may be able to  testify after working with us for a while, that truly, technology does make things that are complicated a lot easier. She may be able to tell, you all that technology is power, but more so, the knowledge, the exposure, finding the solution. Download the tQUEST Botswana Brochure and see how to reach Ms. Agnes

This now brings about tQUEST. With tQUEST, technical needs are satisfied. Basic technology is taught. Awareness to the unlimited solution that technology can give to public and private firms, government, businesses of all kinds and even individuals.

Would it not be a great thing to know that just clicking a button on your system can send messages to thousands of people at the same time, even while you are asleep. That people can find you and what you do, no matter where you are. That you can cut across cities and states without having to actually go there.

We are basically coming to Botswana to make this impact. That is the simple math. To help people walk away of our conference hall, with their businesses and life turning around. Getting them to think beyond and unlimited because then they would realise that many things are possible which they didn't know was possible.

tQUEST Botswana would be filled with packages like workshops, technical support, both on individual level and company level. But more over, series of practical lectures that create digital transformation in the minds of the attendees. In addition to which there would be a tool + souvenir kit to enhance participation.

Let's keep it short so that you can carry on. I am here ( should you throw your questions at me. But let's not forget; that many of these questions which would be thrown is the essence of the coming conference, because I know about this curiosity and we have an enthusiasm to satisfy it for just anyone.

I hope to meet each and everyone of you, should I luckily be one of the team who would be appearing for tQUEST Botswana.

Thank you very much!

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