Makeipay is an e-wallet, online payment solution, online money transfer solution and one stop online market place for Cameroon


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justforrecharge is an online mobile recharge and bill payment App/web portal for India.


Just 2 Swap is a service that helps you locate people who are ready to send or receive money, and are willing to swap with another receiver or sender


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njangi house

Njangi House is a standalone desktop financial application.

This application will;
  1. keep track of the members of a meeting group,
  2. the savings they make,
  3. the loans they take,
  4. the refunds they make and,
  5. Other income/expenditure within the meeting group.
The application then,
  • Automates the interest on the loans based on variable interest rates set by the meeting,
  • Automates the interest on savings, by intuitively and proportionately sharing an amount set by the meeting to members with savings, based on the amount saved and the period saved (Duration of savings),
  • Performs checks and balances on income and expenditure, providing a financial statement for the meeting group at any time, t.
Njangi House is designed summarily to ensure accuracy, transparency and fairness in financial meeting groups with savings/loans/interest schemes.

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Key track

Keytrack is a standalone desktop background application which helps you monitor and record keystrokes as you type on your keyboard. A log of the data tracked is encrypted and logged on your system and can be decrypted for review with a special decryption key tool.

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justforbusbooking is an online bus ticket reservation App/web portal for India.
justforelearning is an online an online education platform.

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