Fru Karl

The essence of education and the role of the teacher in this process
By Fru KARL on 20/07/2018


So this beautiful day, this photo was shared to me, ofcourse to entertain. But surprisingly or not surprisingly, it reawakened within me, THE ESSENCE OF EDUCATION and above all, THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER IN THIS PROCESS.

Just in case you have not seen the photo attached with this writeup, let me spell it out to you. It was simply an assessment and the student was expected to translate sentences from English to French, the location; Nigeria.


1. What is your name?
   Ans: common tu tapé

2. My name is Segun.
   Ans: Jumapé Segun

3. I am a Nigerian.
   Ans: Jésus Nigerians

4. How are you?
   Ans: Comm'on serve her

5. I am fine thank you.
   Ans: Serve her beer mercy
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Fru Karl

Get paid while you sleep
By Fru KARL on 07/05/2018

Having a business is one thing. Getting other people to know about it is another.

You may be surprised how easy it is with the advent of the internet, to spread an idea from one place to another, places you never dreamed of.

Having this beautiful idea in your mind is just all it takes. Where we are at the moment, you can easily create a space online, instruct technology to perform a routine, go to bed at night, and wake up in the morning with a credit in your bank account or mobile money wallet.

It has become easier than you know. There is no reason to be left behind. Approach us with the business idea, we setup your own space in the cloud, give it a name, expose this name to the public, draw the public to it, and get you talking. Talk with your website and web application. Let them hear you while sitting in the office with their laptops and desktops, on the go with the tablets and mobile phones. What ever device it may be, your talking feels like home with responsive websites and mobile apps to back you up.

Once you start talking, they start paying. We make sure no payment gets rejected or left behind as we cover a wide range of payment options, from debit cards, credit cards, net banking to mobile money wallets.

Remember, all that is needed from you is your beautiful idea.

Subscribe here to see the full business process:

Make it personal. Just ping on whatsapp: +917676112251

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Blessing Chidinma AMADI

By Blessing Chidinma AMADI on 17/04/2018

online safety
  1. Read terms and conditions.

    People, learn to read terms and conditions. Even if it is a glance through them. Many people don't read terms and conditions, especially in Africa! Don't fall a prey, not necessarily a physical prey because you did not read terms and conditions of a service you are availing or product you are getting.

  2. Use protected sites.

    Protected sites are safer than the others. They are those sites which have 'https://' written in green. There may be other sites which are also safe without that feature, but as a matter of certification, those ones have been guaranteed to be safer.

  3. Avail services which have active customer care representatives.

  4. Be careful what information you enter. Enter necessary information. Where information required is not compulsory, you may leave it out, except it is not a major information.

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Fru Karl

How safe is "ONLINE"?
By Fru KARL on 12/03/2018

online safety

This word "FREE" has always excited many of us. Why would it not? "Buy 1 get 1 FREE"... "Sign up today, It's FREE and always will be"... and so on and so forth.

Let's take a moment to look at how much of "FREE" is actually "FREE". If we try to take everything into consideration, we may not be well equipped to handle the volume of content we ought to provide to make a valid point.

Let's narrow down to what we call "ONLINE". By "ONLINE", we are referring to the state of being connected to the Internet through what ever means, whether phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch, or even our stainless pot or spoon in the kitchen - ("smart spoon", "smart pot". Oh yes! There could be smart anything nowadays, so be careful)

We see big corporations today like Facebook, Google, Twitter and more... They start off with something that entices, for example, enabling us to make this post and more .... We hardly pay anything to them for this service, of course it is "FREE", not even counting the amount we pay for the data pack we buy to access the Internet or the cup of coffee we buy at the coffee shop to access the "FREE" Internet there and do the "FREE" thing "ONLINE".

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Blessing Chidinma AMADI

What freedom means to me
By Blessing Chidinma AMADI on 30/03/2018

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