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Transingenium Technologies Private Limited
Registered office: Karnataka State, India.

Transingenium Technologies Private Limited is an Indian based company that provides IT Services and Business Consulting headquartered in Mangalore city, Karnataka State, India.
The company was founded on May 14, 2015 by Fru NFON and registered with CIN: U72200KA2015PTC080350.
We engage in the business of developing products and providing services in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) .(The thing)
We encourage, develop and/or partake in technology enabled/driven applications which nurture TALENTS (Our strong word)
We drive technology across from INDIA through AFRICA to any destination.(The place)
Founder / CEO / Mg. Director (2015 - )
DIN: 07143340
We aim to work in the space of software products and IT enabled services for business, government and education sectors by conceiving, designing, developing and operating solutions that are recognized to be innovative and deliver significant value to users.
We will provide work for people who believe in work ethic and who desire continuous up-gradation of their competencies. We will strive to provide a working environment that rewards creativity and merit and that is based on principles of equal opportunity and which is a stress free fun place without being frivolous. Read more >>
Ramesh N. Habib
Cofounder / Director
DIN: 07143342
It’s not just that the individual components we offer are better. It’s that we can put them together in combination better than anyone else. And that makes us not only outstanding – but unique. Read more >>
Arona T. Coelho
Cofounder / Director
DIN: 07143337
The best way to assure software quality, security, and resiliency is to design, develop, and integrate software in a way that does not allow defects and vulnerabilities in the first place. Read more >>


Transingenium is built on the notion of talents and creativity aspiring to set itself as a platform where these talents are nurtured and exposed to the world at large hence fostering these talents and enhancing creativity.

Transingenium will achieve this by opening its doors to as many ideas as it can, spreading its roots through different walks of life as the means can support, with an life as the very best out of society, and harmonising these best to enhance productivity.

Transingenium remains business oriented and profit making, thereby seeking ways to provide talented individuals with a beneficial livelihood by exposing their talents to society in harmony with other talents.

Each branch of Transingenium adopts the base name and an additional name or names to describe its specific operation. For instance, Transingenium technologies, Transingenium mottos, Transingenium properties etc.

As time passes by the vision of the Company (Long term goals) will keep growing, but the mission (short term goals) will accommodate only as much as our means can support.


At the moment our mission includes IT Services and Business Consulting. This is managed by Transingenium Technologies. We use the very best open source tools available in the market and train the very talented and motivated ones to attain our goals.

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