About Fru NFON


We aim to work in the space of software products and IT enabled services for business, government and education sectors by conceiving, designing, developing and operating solutions that are recognized to be innovative and deliver significant value to users.

We will provide work for people who believe in work ethic and who desire continuous up-gradation of their competencies. We will strive to provide a working environment that rewards creativity and merit and that is based on principles of equal opportunity and which is a stress free fun place without being frivolous.

We shall be transparent in all dealings with employees, customers and other stake holders, take from others no more than what is legitimately due and promise only what we can deliver.

We will continually strive to:

  1. Increase Employee Participation
  2. Provide Quality Software Services
  3. Implement Proven Quality & Management Practices
  4. Improve our products
  5. Create Opportunities for Partnerships

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